Night On Fire

By Ronald Kidd



How to Train Your Dragon series, vol.12 How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury

by Cressida Cowell

This book has a lot of information about important events in the civil rights movement tied into an amazing and thrilling fictional story.  It makes you think about how horrible segregation really was and how people risked their lives to change it. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn aboutthe civil rights movement and still wants a great story. 

Asher Rosenfeld 10 years old


Full of dragons and fights, escape spots and, most of all, hopelessness. If you are starting to think that it is like the movie, you are super duper wrong because this book is like a whole different “how to train your dragon”. Warning: some parts might scare you, but otherwise it is a great book. Oh, and don’t worry about the hopelessness – everything turns out well (after a little while).

Thomas 8 years old

The Hobbit

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Your friends, older brothers and maybe sisters will say that this is too violent for 8-year-olds, but it is not true! If you like adventures and cliffhangers, then this is the book for you. It is full of adventure and cliffhangers. The Hobbit is the perfect combination for an adventure-loving kid.

Thomas, 8 years old

Franny K. Stein: Fantastic Voyage

by Jim Benton

Funny, gooey – in other words, disgusting. But also kind of interesting. This book talks about cool inventions! It has a pretty cool last minute “save” where Franny saves half of the world. And the weirdest part of all was that Igor, Franny’s dog, was watching TV and he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen and he ate a… bomb. So, technically, the TV made the whole mess.

Thomas, 8 years old

Beast Quest (series)

by Adam Blade

Dragons, monsters, heroes, quests. It might seem a little bit like something you won’t like, but if you just open the book and read a little, you’ll be in a whole different world, the world of beast quest. The best book to start with is probably Ferno the Fire Dragon.  Thomas, 8 years old                                               

Dinosaur Cove (series)

by Rex Stone

These books are full of dinosaurs and “magical” time travel. An adventure book for younger readers who have a great interest for dinosaurs.

Thomas, 8 years old


by Ursual Le Guin

Wise wizards, mysterious plots, great action – together they equal one awesome book. It is one of the best examples of fantasy because it draws you in and is very well written. I was literally blown away by the descriptions and by how good the dialogue was.

Anders, 10 years old

The Chronicles of Prydain

by Lloyd Alexander

Action-packed, magic-filled, and filled to the brim with funny characters, brave heroes, and terrible villains. A classical adventure book series. All with a touch of Welsh mythology.

Anders, 10 years old

Horrible Histories (series)

by Terry Deary

Turns boring history into an exciting and funny series of books! You will learn why the Incas brushed their teeth with smoking twigs, and you’ll find out about every single revolt and rebellion in English history (plus all the revolting and repelling facts that they refuse to tell you about in school), and quite a bit more!  Anders, 10 years old


Redwall (series)



Talking animals, villains you’ll despise, heroes you’ll love. This series gives all that lumped together. For example, in the book Lord Brocktree, a badger lord is journeying to the mountain fortress Salamandastron to take the fortress back from the evil Ungatt Tunn. Lord Brocktree is a good book because of the description that Brian Jacques includes. Also, he makes things happen so suddenly  you won’t expect it.   Anders, 10 years old

A Whole Nother Story

by Dr. Cutberth Soup

Superspies, evil weapon-making companies, and secret agents. Is that it? No. It is certainly one of the top ten funniest books ever.

Anders, 10 years old